Thursday, 1 May 2008

Birthday Girl

Today is my birthday. I have been spoilt already, but P is taking me out to select my big present. How exciting!

More blogging later today... I'm off to see the lovely Ki at, probably THE coolest hairdressers in London, Hurwundeki for a trim.

Here's a picture of us in Berlin... we had a fabulous time!


Ana said...

Happy Birthday!!!

maggienikole said...

Happy Birthday!
Have a wonderful day.
That glue sounds so nice.
(which really sounds funny for glue!)

parisa mahmoudi said...

Happy Birthday!
I wish,you will be happy and healthy for ever :)

Rob said...

You gorgeous things! Such a lovely picture and your birthday sounded absolutley wonderful!

read me... said...

Thank you for your wishes Ana & Maggie (if you don't have that glue Magie, you must get some and get sticking!!)

Parisa, lovely of you to visit and comment. You blog looks fascinating... I am going to treat myself to a full browse later today!

Rob dear boy... thank you for commenting, we had a perfect day. Looking forward to seeing you on 16th at P's studio!! X