Monday, 5 May 2008

Vintage Ladybird

I absolutely love my Vintage Ladybird Box for Girls which P gave me for my birthday... it's a wonderful addition to my children's book collection. The box contains six facsimile editions of children's books originally published between 1958 and 1972, including the titles 'Shopping With Mother' and 'In a Big Store'!

The boys set looks equally fun...

You can also purchase a number of prints via the website.

When I was little I had a copy of this version of the Princess and the Pea... it was my favourite book... aside from the story, I think it had a lot to do with the cover illustration.


Robert said...

Hi Karen - Ladybird books were a big part of my upbringing and Mum still collects them! I loved Princess and Pea but my favourite and scariest was Rumplestiltskin(?)! LOL. Rx

read me... said...

RUMPLESTILTSKIN... I had it too!! Loved it & if you check the site you'll see that they have a number of prints of these illustrations for sale. Kx