Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Brita Sweden

I've ordered the black and white Gunnel door mat by Brita Sweden. Can't wait for it to arrive...

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Another Link

Another link found today at Jokemijn, accessories for men by Steve Mono... I'm seriously loving his collection.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I had a minor pregnancy problem this weekend, which has resulted in me needing to rest for a few days after an overnight stay in hospital. Things are OK with the baby and hopefully there'll be no repeat of the problem. This rest has given me time to post, but as my mind has been elsewhere, I just have a few links to share which I enjoyed finding some time ago but haven't had time to mention...

Nutsa Modebadze journal

Ana Kraš

Elle Deco

We have five weeks until my due date, 12 August, and it feels like we're a million miles away from being ready. Thankfully, this weekend we have some help with thinning out some furniture. I'm sure the end of our decorating will then be in sight. I know that I'll feel ready once we've been able to suspend the baby cradle in our bedroom, even if the baby's room isn't quite ready. Still need to buy the cot (in white) and chest of drawers, but do have the toy box on order ready for end of September delivery.

As part of our preparation, a couple of weekends ago I parted company with 10 years worth of Elle Deco, but not before I sat and flicked through every copy... January 1998 to December 2007.

I remembered how much I used to enjoy features which no longer appear, such as the "48 hours in..." travel articles, "Eating Out" and "Eating In" recipes for dining at home or in the garden... it was also interesting to see how much things have gone up in price...

- Alvar Aalto Stool 60 January 2000 issue price £55, now £160
- Iittala Mariskooli bowl in red October 2004 issue price £21, now £69
- Jean Prouvé Standard Chair August 2003 issue £395, now £517
- Isokon Plus Penguin Donkey 2 March 2002 issue £255, now £410
- Robert Welch Hobart candlestick in red March 2004 issue £35, now £50
- Kristian Vedel Architecht Made wooden birds March 2004 issue £32, now £44