Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Kamilla Ruberg

On my way to work this morning a complete stranger struck up a conversation with me about my engagement ring. He commented that he thought it was very interesting and completely different from anything he'd seen... he is in the process of planning to propose himself, but was having trouble working out what sort of ring to get!!

I can't deny that I was very flattered. I'm so happy with my unconventional 'smartie' ring, designed and made by the talented Danish jeweller Kamilla Ruberg. You can see some pictures of larger 'smartie' dress rings via the Jewellery link on her website.

I knew as soon as I first saw these rings that I wanted one as my engagement ring. Some people think it's a strange choice, but I absolutely love it.

Kamilla also made our wedding bands, mine is a slim square band and, I think, it contrasts nicely with the round band on my 'smartie' ring.

As a wedding gift, P had Kamilla make me a pair of 'smartie' stud earrings too...


orange you lucky! said...

It's a super neat ring and it's great that people think that it's an unusual choice! Who wants the usual choice? Not me:) Show us the bands and the earrings when you get them. cheers, helen:)

Martha said...

I want. I need.

read me... said...

Hi Helen... am glad you like my ring. The photo shows my engagement ring (top) and wedding band (bottom)... I wear them the wrong way round because they look better together this way. I like that they don't match, or sit neatly next to one another. Just for you I will post a picture of the earrings later today!

Martha, thanks for visiting, am glad you approve... Kamilla's jewellery is so beautiful!!

hampers said...

Some really lovely pieces here. I love the earrings.