Sunday, 1 November 2009


I went looking for shoes yesterday morning and ended up with a very sweet wool cape from Muji instead. On my way home I popped into Wild and Wood and sat in the cosy nook for a very well made flat white and a quick bite.

Today was a lovely grey rainy London day and for a change Columbia Road was quiet. We had coffee and breakfast in the rain at Ezra Yard and brought home some red anemones. I picked up Paumes Copenhagen Apartments, which I was very happy to find in Lapin and Me, and a copy of the newly released I Choose You from Elphick's. It's a lovely book by Silver Jungle, who are helping to protect endangered animals in the wild, and is illustrated by Lisa Jones.


nikole said...

looks like a great one.

Sneaky Magpie said...

Another fabulous weekend, you know some fantastic cafes!

nath said...

oh the cape sounds nice, i can't find it on the Muji website. you might have to post a photograph of it! and yes, your posts on London always make me yearn to go back.