Monday, 30 November 2009


I've been tagged by The Sneaky Magpie to list 7 things I love... much harder to select just 7 things than I imagined, but here are the 7 things which came to mind first.

1. My husband, for so many reasons, including the fact that he reads me to sleep at night, Pete has to take the number one spot in a list of things I love.

2. Pete's paintings are incredible, it really isn't enough to see them reproduced in photographs. To be captivated you need to spend time viewing them at various distances and from all sorts of angles. There is so much to see.

3. Japan has a very special place in my heart. We've visited twice and I spend a lot of time longing to go back.

4. Coffee any time day or night, I alway fancy a nice cup of coffee, whether it's a fresh brew on Saturday morning in our Chemex coffee pot or a flat white from number of fine, specialist establishments.

5. Black cashmere crew neck sweaters are always what I want to wear.

6. My camera recently had to be repaired and I was lost without it.

7. Murder, She Wrote... I have no explanation as to why I love this show, I just do and can watch it any time, episodes back to back over and over again. Can't wait for series 10, which will arrive on 26 December.


Kate said...

I can really relate to Murder She Wrote... its brilliant I love it.
I also quietly like Midsomer Murders, although I see that they've branched out into outlying villages as everyone's dead or in prison from Midsomer.
Petes paintings are incredible.

jane said...

Great list! Those paintings really *are* amazing - so textural and unique.
I've never been to Japan, you are really fuelling my desire to do so though :)
And a Chemex! I really want one of those too.

Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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Sneaky Magpie said...

Fantastic list, I would like to visit Japan some time soon sooo much!

Katja said...

Great list! :) I always find that when I have to do lists like this I realize how much I have (and love) and it makes me feel lucky :) Oh I would love to go to Japan one day!