Sunday, 22 November 2009


For the past 18 month or more, I've been using my own cup for my morning (and lunch time, and afternoon) coffee, driven mostly by the desire to cut down on unnecessary waste but made a little sweeter as there is also a small discount on the price of my brew.

I finally retired my effective but rather cumbersome thermal Planetary Design mug last week, when I popped in to Dose for a lunchtime flat white, in favour of a new smaller, slimmer and lighter 12oz KeepCup.

I'm really very pleased with it... Dose didn't have many to choose from, but I've been having fun mixing all the various colour combinations which are available, take a look at the last tab.

The cup isn't thermal, it mentions on the website that it is, but I contacted KeepCup to ask how long it would keep a drink hot and they explained that it's not thermal in that sense but rather it's insulated so as not to be too hot to the touch.


Sneaky Magpie said...

what a cute cup! I also like the one that looks like a paper cup but is made of porcelain with a silicone lid. I don't drink coffee but the idea of having coffee and smelling it is always so appealing.

read me... said...

They are great, bought one for Pete today too at the Eco Fair in Spitalfields Market.

jane said...

What a brilliant thing that is! I'm yet to check out Dose, thanks for the reminder :)