Friday, 29 August 2008

Press & Pull

Last night, at the recommendation of Kate Banzai, I took a trip East with Deerylou to see Press & Pull, an exhibition of screenprint work by Kate Gibb and lino cuts by James Brown... and a thoroughly enjoyable trip it was too.

I was really taken with the design of their flyer, and wasn't at all disappointed with their work. It's such an enjoyable collection to study, and Kate and James's work sits very well side by side. Sadly, there isn't much time to visit (the exhibition runs until Sunday), and I don't think I can get back again. I'd love to take another longer look...

Big thanks to Kate for sharing the invitation, and to Kate and James for letting me take some photos!


Kate said...

Thankyou so much for going and especially for taking the photos glad you enjoyed it too of course... I feel I really am living vicariously now! All you have to do is go to Columbia road and buy some cheese for me this weekend please!
And go to a really good pub.

read me... said...

Kate, it was great... I really did like their work, loved the gallery space and was particularly intersted in the patriotic bunting! Columbia Road is on my weekend schedule, and all being well I hope to get Pete to The Gladstone in Borough tomorrow... my new favourite place. We'll raise a glass for you!