Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Sunbury Antiques Market

Today feels like a mini-weekend as I took the day off work to visit Sunbury Antiques Market. I was lucky enough to have the company of very special friends... and we all enjoyed spending time with Rob on his birthday.

We had a great time browsing the market...

Oh, and I came home with this Yngve Ekström Arka chair... what a lucky find!



nina said...

What a good find! That chair has been on my wish list for a very long time... Once I almost bought one that was painted orange, but in the end I liked the natural ones more, like this one! Was it a bargain or did you have to pay a lot?
I'm very curious how it will look in your home, post pictures please!

And by the way, I've been wondering for some time: what is the colorful stuff in your header?

read me... said...

Hi Nina, thanks so much for visiting! The chair is a great find, and cost £120 (about EUR150). They're available in London, reissued at more than £400 (EUR510).

The header is a picture of one of my husband's paintings, taken from a close up angle... you can see them in more detail on his flickr (PROSEMAN flickr link on the right of my blog page). They're really beautiful. Much better if you could see one for real though!

Katja said...

what a great find! that's a beautiful chair.

Jesse said...

Hi there! Does the chair have any markings on the under side saying the designer name or where it was made? I have an Arka chair and I was wondering if you had a marking as well. Thanks!