Tuesday, 1 April 2008


I picked up the latest edition of the beautifully published Selvedge magazine whilst we were at the Our Showhome Midcentury.Modern show on Sunday. Gorgeous cover by our favourite whimsical paper cutting master Mister Rob Ryan.

Some highlights...
  • Pénélope Naulleau's charming dolls.
  • A short article about the extremely talented children's book author and illustrator Lauren Child.
  • Another short article on Japanese illustrator Mariko Yamazaki, who has obviously been influenced by the hugely popular work of Czech illustrator Miroslav Sasek.
  • Some unbelievably colourful offerings from Dries Van Noten.
  • A lovely look at the home and work of eclectic folk artist Julie Arkell, who is holding a class at the adorable London yarn emporium Loop.


Mrs.French said...

superb magazine! i loved flipping through the pages on their site. thank you.

read me... said...

thanks mrs.french... i'm glad you like it. i agree, their website is pretty cool!!