Sunday, 9 March 2008

Things I need

Here are some things I really, really need... and by need I really mean I want these things and don't need them at all.

Poten Sofa by Finn Juhl , which he designed for his own home in 1941. Available from Skandium and The Lollipop Shoppe. It's a thing of beauty!

Ladies Raglan Coat from Old Town Clothing. I love the simplicity of this design and shape of the coat.

Charley Harper; An Illustrated Life by Todd Oldham. I am hoping that this will arrive for my birthday...


Ana said...

it means I put your link on my blog and you put my blog link on your blog.

read me... said...

Ah! I am honoured that you want to do that with read me. Yes, I think I understand what to do... I'm a complete novice to blogging. Thank you!!