Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Stig Lindberg

Second up is a catalogue from the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.

The catalogue is actually four articles on the work of Stig Lindberg, exploring the idea of him being a trademark vs. an artist. Sadly (for me that is) it's in Swedish so I'm unable to read it. The beautiful pictures do go a long way to make up for it however...

Odon, 1965-1970

Colorado, 1955-1962

Termos, 1960-

Salix, 1950-

We have a small collection of Lindberg's porcelain cups, saucers and plates for Gustavsberg. The extremely popular Bersa, Adam and Spisa Ribb. All available in London from the Scandinavian mecca Skandium.

My dream pieces? Have to be the Bersa jug and teapot...

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twentytwentyone said...

I love his designs so much! The Odon is quite lovely.

Thanks for finding my blog - so glad that I now know about yours!