Saturday, 8 March 2008


This cheerful sight greeted me when I got up today. 2 bunches of British grown daffodils, 99p each, in bloom!

The larger vase is by the exceptional talent Karin Eriksson, which I purchased a few years ago at the Chelsea Craft Fair. It's dated 2003. The pattern continues inside the vase, which somehow makes it more beautiful when it's empty.

The small vase is by Anne Black, one of my favourite ceramic artists. This was a gift from my sweet and very stylish friend, Deerylou, and I simply love it!

7 comments: said...

What a sweet steal! Daffodils are so unique and beautiful. :) I need to get some for my kitchen table!

Ana said...

oh so lovely
daffodils always brighten up a day

would you like to trade links?

craftydragonfly said...

I love the little wooden duck in the background.

read me... said...

Ana, I'm so delighted that you visited read me... Please excuse my naivety, but I have no idea what trading links is!! It sounds fun... can you enlighten me??

read me... said...

craftydragonfly... the oak bird is by Danish architect/industrial designer, designed in 1959.

See here

read me... said...

Ha! left his name out, Kristian Vedel

Kate said...

Now that I live in a country where orchids are ten a penny and I've got birds of paradise growing like weeds in my back yards, I long for daffies and the Spring.
They make everything ok, for some reason.
Love your vases too.
Thanks for dropping by me too. You and your husband are setting a high benchmark!