Saturday, 13 September 2008

A busy week for read me...

This past week, time seems to have flown by... the only benefit being that the weekend is here again. YAY!

Last Friday, P and I met at The Wolseley for a quick bite before goint to see Hammershøi at the Royal Academy. It was the last weekend of the exhibition, and I'm a little disappointed that we had not managed to see it earlier because I absolutely loved it. No exhibition catalogues or even postcards left in the shop... uugh.

This Thursday evening we were very kindly invited by R to see a private viewing of Francis Bacon at Tate Brirain. It's an impressive collection and I was amazed by the richness and quality of the work, although I can't say I enjoyed looking many of the images which I found quite vulgar and aggressive. After the exhibition we had a delicious supper at Tate's Rex Whistler restaurant.

Images Royal Academy & Tate


lottie said...

i loved the hammershoi too. it was wonderful and i'm not sure of the exact dates, but i know it is moving on to the national museum of western art in tokyo next so may be there when you visit? i might try to see it again out there.

read me... said...

Yes, it's on from 30 Sept to 7 Dec, so we'll both have the opportunity to see it! Hope your trip planning is going well!!