Monday, 20 October 2008

New York

We've had a great break in one of our favourite places, with friends who live there and friends who decided to visit at the same time as us.

A few of the things I really enjoyed this year... some of which are new and others that are old favourites:

Breakfast at The Smith, Balthazar and French Roast.

Lunch at Kelley and Ping and The Grey Dog.

Dinner at Gemma, Bridge Cafe and The Red Cat.

Browsing and shopping at Greenwich Letterpress, MXYPLYZYK for a trad Sock Monkey, Kisan Concept Store for Antipast wrist warmers, Co Bigelow Apothecary and Lyell which makes the most beautiful clothing.

A trip out to the Brooklyn Flea where we picked up a couple of chocolate bars from the Mast Brothers.

Oh, and spending time with Colin... he's adorable!

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visit sounds around said...

had a great time exploring with yee !