Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I had a minor pregnancy problem this weekend, which has resulted in me needing to rest for a few days after an overnight stay in hospital. Things are OK with the baby and hopefully there'll be no repeat of the problem. This rest has given me time to post, but as my mind has been elsewhere, I just have a few links to share which I enjoyed finding some time ago but haven't had time to mention...

Nutsa Modebadze journal

Ana Kraš


mieke willems said...

oh no!
take a good rest!

we'll be in london again soon, in 3 weeks. guess we won't bump into you in the albion, you'll be too busy!

but anyway: all the best, and good luck!

jane said...

Rest up, rest up. You are so nearly there! Beautiful photo - that lamp is so interesting, I love it.

read me... said...

Thank you... indeed, I'm making more time for rest!!

Would be lovely to bum in to you Mieke Willems, but it has been weeks and weeks since we have had time to get over to Columbia Road, Leila's and the Albion on a Sunday. Hope you have a lovely time in London.

Jane, I am swooning over that lamp... am very close to emailing and finding out the price and possibility of getting one to London, plus the noodle table, in fact all of her designs are gorgeous!

lisa Kjellerød said...

Glad you are ok! Time for you to rest!