Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Finland Formula

Today I used the last of this amazing Finland Formula 'Fin Rose' hand cream from Japan.

No idea how I can get any more, which is such a shame as it's the nicest hand cream I have ever used!


Milk tea said...

I love the packaging in japan.
This one is also sweet!
So many packaging in japan are pretty you end up wanting so many things!
The hand cream here seems to be nice!☆
I can say that some of the stores in japan seems to stock there things...
But shame you can't find it on the internet to purchase.
Maybe next time when you go to japan?

yasu said...

oh i want to try this!

Robert said...

Is that Barbapapa I see on your desk? I'd love one of those.

R x

adysons said...

i had the finland formula birch.. its really one of the best handcream i ever had.. its non oily and really leaves your hand moisturized... the smell is incredible too.. not too heavy, just subtle enough to make you feel good..