Friday, 14 November 2008

Antipast accessories for earthman

Two weeks today P and I will be heading off on our honeymoon. We were married on 8 December last year and, due to me breaking my ankle ten days later, we decided to delay our Spring trip to Hong Kong and Japan until the end of the year... which is now almost here. YAY!!

Among the many exciting things about our trip (for me that is, possibly not so much for P) is seeking out hard to find Antipast goods... much like these, which I found on-line here at Brooklyn based Bird.


Kate said...

A very happy anniversary and a fantastic honeymoon! Maegan said...

love the patterned gloves. so sweet.

Lolly said...

Those gloves are fantastic! Although Ped Shoes doesn't have those, it does carry scads of Antipast. As a matter of fact, I'm currently lusting after this Antipast landscape shawl (and squirreling away pennies for it).